Studying in the USA during the pandemics by Stefano Pacella UMASS 2020

I am Stefano, and I am Studying Sports Management at UMASS Amherst. I came to the US in August 2020.
Amherst is a small city almost far from everything, with the pandemics is also almost empty. There are few activities open to the public, and most of them are only for take away.

All my lessons are remote, but I am required to stay here due to the international student’s Trump administration law. No comment. Usually, UMASS host 3/4 thousand international students; this year, we are around 30. After four months of quarantine here, some days are hard, and you have to accept the loneliness. There is no possibility of meeting your classmates (most of them are not physically present here) or socializing with the other international students because we are not fully protected with the insurance if one gets COVID.
As a positive note, the level of safety that the University requires is very high. I am getting tested 1-2 times per week mandatory.

Speaking about the courses is the best choice I ever made in my life.
The networking is compelling, and the educational system is based on practical experience with “real companies”; For instance, I worked on these projects until now:

  • Mastercard’s Player of the Match Rugby World Cup 2021
  • Esports tournament for the Future Legends Complex
  • Marketing project with the Major League Rugby – Salt Lake City
  • Feasibility Study – MLS Possible Franchise New Mexico United

Here I appreciate the diversity and inclusion they have in the work environment, and I feel sorry for us.
My final goal is to become a COO of an organization with an international outlook and help it grow. Thanks to the network, I am gaining experience, helping a company named Blu United whit its three pillars, the consulting part, the events management side with the Pacific Rim Cup, and the esport Team.

In conclusion, I am grateful to the Italian Student Loan Fund for giving me the possibility to live this dream.
I hope to return to Italy and give back what I received, help the sport/wellness industry grow, not only on the sports side but also on the venues management or merchandising; I believe that altogether, we have good potential!

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